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Please Select a Tube Size
Clamps are designed to fit over tube of their size
(all dimensions below relate to tubes)
Outer diameter 26.9mm
Circumference 84.5mm
Nominal bore 20mm
Wall thickness 2.6mm

Outer diameter 33.7mm
Circumference 105.9mm
Nominal bore 25mm
Wall thickness 3.2mm

Outer diameter 42.4mm
Circumference 133.2mm
Nominal bore 32mm
Wall thickness 3.2mm

Outer diameter 48.3mm
Circumference 151.7mm
Nominal bore 40mm
Wall thickness 3.2mm

Outer diameter 60.3mm
Circumference 189.4mm
Nominal bore 50mm
Wall thickness 3.6mm

What Size Should I Use?
Some Common Uses

Size 5 Key Clamps
-Lightweight Displays

Size 6 Key Clamps
-Shop Displays
-Clothes Rails
-Lightweight Furniture

Size 7 Key Clamps
-Handrails (inc DDA)
-Lightweight Guardrails

Size 8 Key Clamps
-Fits Scaffolding Tube
-Fits 50mm Aluminium Tube

Size 9 Key Clamps
-Industrial Handrail
-Ultra Heavy Duty

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